The HIGH PRICE Of "Instant Buyer" Or "I-Buyer" Convenience

Home Sellers who think they can "avoid" paying a REALTORĀ® commission are being DECEIVED by online "instant buy" services that will offer a price LOWER than the actual home market value plus will charge you MUCH HIGHER "administrative", "investor", or "service" fees than by using a REALTORĀ®!

PLEASE USE YOUR OWN COMMON SENSE...  WHY would an "I-Buyer" investor buy your home?  There are only TWO reasons.  

1) to buy THEN resell (in order to do this, they HAVE to buy your home at MUCH LESS than market value in order to make a profit when they flip PLUS they have to pay seller and buyer agent commissions plus closing costs all over again) 

2) to buy your home to use as a rental (THIS is almost NEVER the case)

Lastly, SOME "I-Buyer" investors claim they pay TRUE MARKET VALUE and some of them do...  but they then sneakily "slip in" their 15% "service fee" plus "home repair costs" which greatly reduces what the home seller actually receives once their home is sold!