4% TOTAL Commission To List AND Sell Your Home!
...proven sales, service, & professionalism with 15+ years of experience... why pay 5% to 6%, $1,000's more in commissions, to others?

About Golden Eagle Properties

Golden Eagle Properties, comprised of a skilled group of professional brokers and many dozens of agents who specialize in residential and commercial real estate sales, provides full service real estate solutions. They also provide full escrow services through Redhawk Escrow and have HFC (Home Funding Corp.) as their in-house lender.

Our Location

41593 Winchester Road
Suite 102
Temecula, CA  92590

Which Real Estate Brokerages Sell The Most Amount Of Homes?
(it is NOT "chainstore" or "big box" real estate offices)

Pie Chart From The Entire Region Of Southern California
("listings by brokerage" graph from MLS statistics on 3/2/2017)

It is the INDIVIDUAL AGENT'S own sales and marketing abilities that make ALL the difference, NOT the "name" of the company or "how many agents" are with that company.  See the tremendous amount of CLOSED real estate sales with "OTHER".  Yes, we are associated with the "OTHER" real estate companies, as well as the most other agents.

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