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we can sell your home using the TRADITIONAL MLS or with our RETAIL non-distressed auction plan

Unlike Virtually All Other Real Estate Companies, We Offer TWO Different & Affordable Marketing Plans PLUS Provide Our Proven EXPERIENCE And HARD WORK To Get Your Home SOLD!


While most REALTORS® with our degree of experience and skills charge a commission of 6%, we believe in being more competitive and offering a better value by charging 5% total or less (the listing commission is negotiable with our MLS plan), not 6%.  But if a REALTOR® will charge you much less than 5% total, you may want to ask why.  The REALTOR® may be inexperienced and not confident in their abilities/knowledge/marketing skills/negotiating skills/sales experience or just may be offering much less in services.

You need to work with a REALTOR® who you can TRUST and have CONFIDENCE IN as your home may be your MOST VALUABLE POSSESSION!

Another thing to consider.  Unlike most other REALTORS®, we do NOT add any "hidden" or extra fees such as sub-broker fees, franchise fees, photography fees, transaction co-ordinator fees, etc. that could cost you $1,000s more (because we pay them out of our commission).

Lastly, if REALTORS® offer less than 2.50% as a SELLING COMMISSION on the MLS, it will GREATLY REDUCE the number of agents showing your home, which will result in fewer offers, resulting in your home being on the market longer, with a lower selling price.


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With our RETAIL auction plan, the TOTAL commission is 5%, just like our traditional MLS plan (we pay out of OUR commission the 0.50% auctioneers commission).  The seller is also responsible for a $250 auction administration fee (refundable in escrow after a successful auction close) plus providing disclosures and reports before the auction listing.  Your home will be heavily marketed for at least 35 days BEFORE the auction on the MLS but with NO lockbox access (all buyers and their agents must go through any of the two 2-3 hour open houses held each week prior to auction).  All open houses are attended by us.  From other areas of this website (click here), there is ZERO RISK TO THE SELLER (minimum open bid, pre-set reserve price, if the reserve price is not met, the seller loses nothing).

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